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In the realm of a video gamer’s room, nothing is more annoying than picking up a controller ready to play a game only to find your controller cord’s more tangled than that old box of Christmas lights. Luckily help is here! Armory Tech, founded in 2005 by Randall Cole, has brought us a helpful gadget called The Armory.

The Armory is actually really simple in design, but performs it’s job with surgical precision. In a nutshell it’s a vertical piece of plastic with pegs sticking out of it, looks a bit like a flat caterpillar with half it’s legs ripped off. You simply use the included screws, mount them on your wall, and secure The Armory into place. From there it’s smooth sailing as you’re now able to avoid your spaghetti style cords by just plopping each controller onto their pegs while letting their cords dangle freely.

The Armory has a wide around of features, from supporting both wireless and wired controllers, to being able to hold both Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars. Heck, if you want you can even use it to hold your wired headsets! No task is too big or too small!

Well, that is until you start adding accessories like the Chatpad onto your Xbox 360 controller. The Armory was built to cater a specific sized controller, and when you add the Chatpad, it completely ruins the exact spacing of the pegs and your controllers always sit a little off balance. Not that big of a deal to most, but if you like your stuff looking neat and tidy, it gets a bit annoying.

Score: 7/10

So as long as you’re the average gamer who just wants to alleviate a mess of cables, The Armory’s a great way to store your controllers while not playing. The option to buy The Armory in an array of colors will even help the most individually minded keep their gaming room looking sharp and tidy.

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