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Developer: Iugo Mobile Entertainment
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Review Platform: Windows Phone 7
Release Date: September 9, 2011


The 2009 hit iPhone game Implode! from Iugo Mobile Entertainment has finally been ported and published by Microsoft Games Studio as a Xbox Live game for Windows Phone 7. I’ve personally missed out on iPhone gaming because I didn’t get a smart phone until Windows Phone 7 so these re-releases to the Xbox Live brand is a huge plus for the gamer and achievement whore in me.

Implode! is a game of controlled demolition stylized with drawn on the chalkboard graphics. The game concept is simple. Each level consists of 2d boards stacked to form 2d buildings and you have to place dynamite on the boards with the hope that the resulting pile of rubble will be shorter than the goal height. As you progress through the game, levels get harder and more complex. Sections of the screen are shaded in and rubble is not allowed to pass into these sections. Solid white boards are added that bombs can’t be placed on. Different types of bombs are also added along the way allowing for more strategy and thinking than just straight blowing stuff up.

The controls are simple, hold your finger on the bomb and drag it to the board you wish to place it. While you are dragging it, a circle appears above your finger with a zoomed in view of the bomb. This is a great feature and I wish more of these touch screen phones would put it in because the one thing I hate is to not being able to see what I am doing because my hand and finger are blocking the screen.

The gameplay is designed to give the “Just one more attempt” feeling while playing. There are two contributing factors to the scoring. The player must get the rubble below certain height and do it with the least amount of bombs possible. For each level you place your bombs and hit the detonator. If you fail or don’t like your C rating because you went Wile E. Coyote and want that A+ instead, retry is a press away on the results screen. Outside of think time, levels can be completed in less than 20 seconds before you are in the next level or retrying the current one.

The game contains 150+ levels, more than the iPhone/Pad version. With these simple physics style games, I think the level editor is a must have feature and Implode! does not disappoint. The achievements are pretty basic unlock this many levels and get A+ in this many levels type achievements. If one was to cheat, this game could probably be knocked out in 5 hours easy. If you actually play the game, I could see it lasting weeks.

Score: 4/5

While Implode! is not the prettiest game on Windows Phone 7, it’s simplistic addicting demolition gameplay makes it a worthwhile purchase at $2.99.

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