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Brand: Max Force Toys
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I can still remember the days of my childhood, snagging extra long straws from 7-Eleven and cramming my mouth full of napkins only to emerge with a plethora of little spitball ammo to fire at unsuspecting foes. Thankfully close to two decades later the stakes have been raised and we now have the option to toss the caveman-esque tools and upgrade to an arsenal of guns that do all the work for you. One of those guns is the Max Force Toys’ Terrornator 85.

The Terrornator not only has a badass name, but infuses fear into the heart of enemies merely by its massive beefy look. The Terrornator consists of three main parts; the gun, a flex ammo belt, and the actual ammo. Also included is a removable Sight & Stock that is compatible with other Max Force Toys, an ammo container, and a pair of swanky safety glasses. The gun’s stock is removable, so if you don’t want a full length gun you can release the stock for a sub-compact for more run-and-gun warfare. The ammo belt also has a fantastic design, each link is removable, and can be extendable to any length desired. All you have to do is snap on additional links, or remove links to make your clip size exactly how you want it.

The best part of this gun hands down is the ammo. No longer do you need to sit and chew on wads of paper, instead Max Force Toys has solved the equation with their own Soft Splat Ammo. The Soft Splat Ammo is a mixture of paper and wood, and is completely biodegradable. All you have to do is grab however much ammo you plan on using, run water over the pellets for about ten seconds and you have yourself some perfectly crafted spit balls.

Simply load a pellet into each chamber on the flex ammo belt, slide the belt into the gun, and get ready for mayhem! Since the Terrornator has no actual trigger, all firing is done by pumping the firing mechanism; the same concept as the Nerf weapons most of you will be familiar with. Because there’s no actual trigger, the shooting speeds are completely up to you; you can blast pellets after you line up a shot, or pretend it’s a machine gun and fire up to four pellets per second in rapid succession. Rapid fire won’t result in the most accurate shots, but if you are one to take you time you can hit targets accurately up to 85 feet away.

The only downside I found while putting the Terrornator through our grueling testing was that reloading took time away from the fun. Think of the Terrornator as a Civil War era gun, where each shot must be loaded individually one by one. Thankfully the flex ammo bit can be extended to hold more ammo at a time, but the time investment for loading the gun is one of the few drawbacks we found.

Score: 4.5/5

Even if the Terrornator has its ammo issues, we can honestly say it’s a steal at $49.99. You can enjoy it solo, or even toss in some food coloring and battle it out with friends to see who’s the best sharpshooter in town. You can find the Terrornator, and related Max Force Toys products on their website, or at participating retail stores including Amazon, Walmart, and Toys R’ Us.

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