FPS Freek CQC – Signature Edition

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Every sport has its legal modifications that some athletes swear they can’t live without. Football receivers wear gloves, swimmers wear swim caps, and with ever-increasing popularity, gamers now have controller stick modifications that can greatly improve gameplay. One modification in particular that’s growing traction is the FPS Freek from Kontrol Freek. The original design in a nutshell lengthened the analog stick, allowing more precise control over player movement due to a wider range of motion. The FPS Freek CQC (Close Quarters Combat) released after the original FPS Freek, cutting down the added length to focus on gameplay with tighter movement. Starting today, we now have the FPS Freek CQC – Signature Edition.

The FPS Freek CQC Signature Edition is the first signature edition accessory to come from Kontrol Freek. Made to fit on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controller, the Signature Edition is almost identical to the original FPS Freek CQC with a few minor changes. Kontrol Freek has replaced its standard bump grip for a green laser-etched Kontrol Freek logo grip. Having used the original FPS Freek for years, the new grip design is a greatly appreciated feature.  The new “grip lip” if you will, allows much more traction for the quick-thumbed shooter. I found my thumbs using much less pressure on the analog sticks than before when running and gunning.

While putting the Signature Edition through its paces, we found flying air vehicles in Battlefield 3 much easier, the added analog sensitivity made dipping the helicopter’s nose while rounding a corner look almost as though it was out of a movie. The added analog stick length helps fine-tune your aim, allowing you to swing around a corner with less effort, or fine-tune that long-range sniper headshot. If you happen to have any other controller modifications from Kontrol Freek, rest assured knowing that you can mix-and-match Kontrol Freek products for a truly customized controller.

The biggest gripe we have about the Signature Edition is the same gripe we’ve had with all Kontrol Freek products, and it’s something Kontrol Freek can’t really change. If you’re used to using a controller that’s been unchanged for years, expect a learning curve when you do change it. Hand-eye coordination, especially in first person shooters, is down to training your fingers to do exactly what you want them to do in a matter of milliseconds. Small changes like the length of an analog stick will greatly alter your timing so be prepared to sit down and adapt to the new style of play, possibly even alter your style of play.

Score: 8/10

For a mere $11, The FPS Freek CQC Signature Edition is a very affordable option to try and possibly bump your gaming to the next level. These little wonders not only add more precision to your analog stick movement, but also add to the grip of the analog stick which is highly appreciated during late-night summer evening when hands can get a bit… damp. The learning curve is there, yes, but so is the potential to become a gaming legend our children’s children will speak of.

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