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TNT Racers

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It’s been a long while since I have played a downloadable title that brought back awesome memories from my childhood. That’s not saying that downloadable games are bad by any means. It’s more so that most downloadable games that come out these days are so original that it would be hard for them to evoke nostalgic feelings (i.e. Journey, Limbo). That’s why TNT Racers surprised me so much. It isn’t anywhere near as original or groundbreaking as some of the downloadable title available these days, but it is an insanely good time that induced crazy amounts of yearning for the days of top down NES racers like Super Off Road.

TNT Racers is a cartoony, arcade-style racer where the goal is to not only win races, but also destroy your rivals with giant earthquake mallets, roof mounted cannons, and anvil toilet plunger things. This game is utterly ridiculous, and it pulls it off very well. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it makes the experience a blast. When you play this game you don’t have to worry about plot points, characters, or storylines. All you have to focus on is having fun, going fast, and blowing other cars up.

Which is very easy to do in this game. You will quickly find it’s very hard to get bored with the variety of gameplay options available to choose from. The game boasts an impressive nine different tracks (each with a mirrored version), three different single player options with four different race modes, and an online multiplayer option. The tracks are also greatly varied as well, ranging from lush jungles and dry deserts, to snowy tundra and tropical beaches. Once you decide which mode you want to play in, you get to choose your vehicle. As far as I could tell, there wasn’t any difference between the performances of each car. There were a wide variety of wacky looking vehicles to pick from though, and you could also change the color of each one.

When you get to the actual racing, you will quickly fall in love. Races are fast paced and action packed. The wealth of power ups available to blow your opponents up with is quite staggering for such a small package. Including the ones mentioned above, I came across around ten different weapons and power ups. The power ups were very original too, and quite refreshing when compared to the standard fare in most kart racing games. What was also really cool was the ability to come back as a shadowy ghost car when you get knocked out of the race and seek revenge on your opponents. You do this with an electric power up that ensnares the other races and holds them back.

There are a few things that are a bit frustrating about the game however. For one, as I mentioned above, the races are ridiculously fast paced. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. Yet, because of this, races sometimes are too quick as there were quite a few instances of literally ten second races. This can be a bit unsatisfying because you get really excited to play, and then the race is over before you know it. Also due to the fast paced action, if you get too close to the bottom of the screen, you will get bumped out of the race. It doesn’t matter if you’re ahead in points. Go anywhere near the bottom, and you’re gone.

Another thing that was a bit disheartening was the lack of online presence. In the entire time I played, I was only able to do four online races. Perhaps there were more people online before, but I primarily had to play in single player mode against the CPU. To be honest though, this wasn’t really too big of a problem. I still was able to have plenty of fun, even without a lot of online play.

Score: 7/10

Overall, TNT Racers isn’t anything that will make you jump up and down, praising its originality. If you have ever played a kart racer, then you know what to expect. It is however, a surprisingly deep and fun experience for the price (currently 800 Microsoft points). If you have a few extra bucks lying around, and want to play a game that will surely entertain you that is well worth the price, then TNT Racers is for you.

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