Adventure Time Coming To The DS, Will Be Totally Math

Cartoon Network’s quirky cult hit Adventure Time will be making the leap from the small screen to TWO even smaller screens. Pendelton Ward, the creator of the popular cartoon, announced on his twitter this week that he’s working with WayForward Technology to bring Finn and Jake to Nintendo’s handheld.

Ward, who has already infused his television show with references to table top and console gaming, is working hand-in-hand with game devs to help transport the Land of Ooo’s whimsical humor to the new game.  There’s been no word on what we can expect from an Adventure Time video game or even been given an official title, but it is safe to say that some bad guys will get their booties kicked.  Ward DID have some adorable hand drawn doodles to help announce his partnership with WayForward, however.

The game is slated to be released by the end of 2012.

[Source: Vox Games]

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