Announcing Party Place! Zynga’s First 3D Mobile Game

Alright party people – time to dance, make out or fight with your friends at Party Place, Zynga’s latest mobile game available today from the iOS App Store, and Google Play. With crisp 3D graphics, cool characters and real life party moments – Party Place is a never ending party you won’t want to miss.

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Party Place starts with a character creator that transforms players into the party persona of their dreams– sassy, glamorous, risqué, or just plain odd.  Party Place enables you to throw epic parties in the ultimate party house that you decorate with furniture, dance floors, party supplies, and other fun items. Once a party ends, clean up, recuperate and change your outfit for the next bash.

Whether you are a social butterfly, wallflower or your friends compare you to “The Situation,” Party Place puts you on the VIP list. Just like in real life, the game is all about social interactions – the cooler stuff you fill your house with, the more party mojo you receive, which helps you party down, cause drama, and get paid for it!  Play every day to unlock and purchase new items to deck out your house.  You’re not the only party animal in town – be sure to throw parties that everyone will be talking about and then crash all of your friend’s parties. Beware of a little party drama that might go down as Party Place is no stranger to love connections, girl fights, and gossip.

Party Place is available today from the iOS App Store and on Google Play as one of Zynga’s first mobile games to launch simultaneously for both platforms.

So what are you waiting for? The night is young, the music is bumping and there is always a reason to celebrate in Party Place!

Kanji Prearms

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