Baldur’s Gate Extended Edition Coming From Beamdog

After an extended tease concluded with a 24 hour countdown, the truth behind the mysterious revival of the Baldur’s Gate franchise has been released.  A rerelease of the original saga as well as the sequels is set for Summer 2012.  The new release will be headed by Beamdog, who most recently remastered MDK2.

In addition to improved graphics, the Baldur’s Gate: Extended Edition will use the Baldur’s Gate 2 source code.  This means that players starting a new, level one character will be able to choose any of the specialization kits or new classes that weren’t available until Shadows of Amn.  A revamped multiplayer system will also be included.

The big news, however, is that additional content will be included. New quests and even new playable characters with original voice acting will be added to the mix.

Baldurs Gate Extended Edition will include Baldurs Gate 1 and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. A Baldurs Gate II extended edition will be released at a later date.

[Source: GameBanshee]

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