Crank Director Tapped For Twisted Metal Movie

The Twisted Metal series has long been known for its gleefully perverse sense of humor and oddball storyline. It seems that David Jaffe’s classic racing series will find a new audience in the theaters in the future. Reports indicate that Sony Pictures has tapped Brian Taylor, the writer/director of the Crank series and the upcoming Ghost Rider sequel. Famous for a dark sense of humor, excessive violence, and a cast of bizarre characters, whose acclaimed films are renowned for pushing the envelope.

It is probably no coincidence that rumor of the deal happened to leak the same day that the popular franchise was rebooted for the PS3. Early reviews are giving the game high marks and it looks like Sony sees this as their big chance to return the Twisted Metal name to its former glory.

This deal is still in the early stages so there isn’t much information to go around, but expect to see TM mainstays like Sweet Tooth and Calypso on the big screen sometime in the next few years.

[Source: Deadline]

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