Cult Classic Seaman Making a Comeback On the 3DS

In many ways, 1999’s Seaman for the Dreamcast was ahead of its time. Many of the players barely even considered the title a game in the way they understood it.  The quirky title garnered a cult following that appreciated the voice-chat controlled exotic fish simulator. Today, however, there’s a much larger market for smaller, original titles that integrate hardware gimmicks with original gameplay.

The announcement of  a new Seaman title for the Nintendo 3DS seems like the perfect way to bring this one of  akin title back.  After over 12 years, Yoot Saito’s eccentric masterpiece will finally get  second chance at reaching a wider audience.  Part Tamagotchi, part mini-game collection, Seaman lets players guide a human-faced fish’s growth and development from an egg into adulthood.

There’s been no announcement of whether the title will feature new content or how it will take advantage of the portable console’s touchscreen.  At this very early date, there is no information on a US or European release, but as most of the localization work has already been completed a decade ago it seems like a good bet that this will be an easy title to port overseas.


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