Deadly Premonition Coming To PS3, Includes Move Support

SWERY 65’s cult survival horror hit, Deadly Premonition, will be getting a director’s cut for the PS3.  Featuring Move support, the updated title will include new modes, bonus content, and other goodies for fans of the original.  Although it was released on Sony’s console in Japan, Deadly Premonition was originally a 360 exclusive in the US.

There has been a lot of buzz about the future of the Deadly Premonition franchise over the past few months.  A budget title featuring outdated graphics and a mix of open world gameplay and Silent Hill-esque ghost hunting, Deadly Premonition’s quirky humor drew in a dedicated fan base.  Iconoclastic designer SWERY65 has been working with outside developers to remaster and update his big hit for a new audience.

This is an extremely early announcement.  More information about the special director’s cut will be made available at this year’s E3.  Perhaps a sequel announcement is in the works as well? Only time will tell….

[Source: Joystiq]

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