EverQuest Online Adventures Dies A Quiet Death

MMOs come and go.  Some don’t even last a year before their servers are shut down. Some, like WoW, will probably never shut down in our lifetime. Today, EverQuest Online Adventures, one of the first console-exclusive MMOs, shut down with little fanfare. For a period in the late 90s, before Blizzard took over the scene, Everquest was the end all, be all of online roleplaying games. It proved to be so popular, in fact, that Sony tried to expand their target audience by offering a truncated version of the title for the PlayStation 2.

Not many gamers rushed to their PS2 to adventure in Norrath. The game required a pricey hard drive add on that not many players adopted. It was a significant financial investment to play a game that most laptops could run at near-max settings without any problems.  Despite then enthused response to the title, EQ:OA still found a small but dedicated audience. Enough of an audience, in fact, to keep the servers going for almost a decade.

All things must come to an end, though. The last few remaining PS2 EverQuest players will have to move on to something else. For any EQ:OA, are looking for a hot new MMO, I’ve been hearing good thing’s about Asheron’s Call.

[Source: Kotaku]

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