Fez Hitting XBLA On Friday the 13th

The oft-delayed Fez will finally be coming out after years of what seemed to be endless development. Anyone who has paid attention to indie gaming has probably had Fez on their radar for some time now. An early version of the game won an art award at the Independent Games Festival all the way back in 2008. It has continued to earn numerous awards at gaming conventions and indie game showcases as the development slowly but surely continued.  Fez and creator Phillip Fish were also heavily featured in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

In Fez, players take control of a 2D action hero exploring a 3D world. Players will shift from from 2D side scrolling to 3D platforming regularly while playing, similar to what was seen on the Wii’s Super Paper Mario.

Fez will retail for 800 points on XBLA.


[Source: Polytron]

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