Free Up Your Vacation Days For March 15: Diablo III Is Coming

We previously reported that Diablo III would be out sometime this spring and now we can be even more specific! Blizzard announced today that the long awaited action-RPG would finally be released on May 15 of this year.  A statement from Blizzard claims that they’ll spend the next two months putting a few finishing touches on the game.  This announcement should come as a relief to fans of the series.  The oft delayed title has been in the works for years and some hardcore Diablo players were beginning to despair of ever seeing the latest sequel.

Diablo 3 will be available exclusively for the PC and Mac.  Collectors editions will include special art books, a soul stone themed USB drive, a “making-of” DVD, in-game bonuses, and a new WoW pet. Because it wouldn’t be a Blizzard release if you didn’t get a pet.

See you all on this May!

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