Happy Valentine's Day From Suda 51 and Lollipop Chainsaw

Mad genius Suda 51 and the rest of Grasshopper understand that the middle of February is a time for love. To help all of us celabrate Valentine’s Day this year, Grasshopper and developer’s Warner Bros. Interactive have released a very special trailer for the upcoming horror themed zombie beat-em-up, Lollipop Chainsaw.

Cheerleader/slayer of the undead seems to have a lot on her mind. In between her high school being taken over by the undead and Spanish class, her hands are full!  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for love.  But things are always complicated, aren’t they? Her boyfriend has been reduced to a disembodied head due to an unfortunate zombie attack.  That doesn’t mean he’s not useful though.  This new gameplay video shows that a bodiless beau can still come in handy when you’re ripping apart the walking dead.

Place the head on a new body to receive temporary assistance or use the loose noggin’ to like a dodgeball to bash your enemies into submission.

[youtube id=”9N_Kpj80BEM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Lollipop Chainsaw will be released this Spring on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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