Incoming Intelligence: Eyes Only for Sniper Elite V2’s Agent C. Fairburne

Sources in the field report that German forces have established a secret fuel depot, hidden deep in the Harz Mountains. With reinforcements on the way we can’t risk an all-out assault so it’s up to you to take out their sentries, plant the charges and get out of there without tripping the alarms. I’m not going to lie to you Fairburne, this is by far the biggest mission we’ve ever sent you on – the terrain is much vaster, the enemy less contained and far more unpredictable so we’ve provided you with a new batch of weapons for this mission – the Type 99 Rifle, Blyskawica submachine gun and Tokarev TT33 Pistol. It’s not much but it’s all the edge we can give you for this operation.

You’ll need to have your wits about you to figure out the best course of attack. Good luck.

Take on the challenge of the all-new Neudorf Outpost DLC for 505 Games’ Sniper Elite V2 available today on Xbox LIVE  for 400 Microsoft points and PlayStation Network for $4.99.

Kanji Prearms

Kanji has been holding a controller since he could walk, and loves nothing more than talking about his latest conquest with friends.

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