No Fix for SFxT Sound Glitch Without More Lag, Claims Capcom Dev

Fighting game fans waiting for the biggest crossover in genre history have had a rough ride after the launch of Street Fighter X Tekken.  Any joy they might have had has turned to ash due to a seemingly never ending series of bungled features and Capcom’s DLC experiments.  Anyone playing online will have noticed that most matches feature glitches or completely broken sound effects. Backgound music, character voices, special move effects, and other key features just won’t play in a majority of online matches. Capcom has responded to complains on their blog.  Instead of promising a fix, they’ve said that there will be no changes because having non-glithced sound would add extra lag.

This isn’t the first launch-day complaint about Capcom’s latest. First, it was the lame excuses for why the 360 couldn’t handle two player co-op.  Then it was the revelation that all of the DLC characters were available on the disc on launch day.  Then it was the quick revelation that despite Capcom’s claims, paid DLC gems would provide better bonuses to players with fewer draw backs.

In just a few days, Capcom has squandered a significant amount of good will from their most loyal fans. Will gamers be able to look past severe problems with Street Fighter X Tekken’s features and enjoy the solid core gameplay or will it all be too much? The coming weeks and months, alongside Capcom’s reactions, will decide.

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