Of Orcs and Men: the Buddy Trailer!

Just a week from release on Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 and PC, Of Orcs and Men unveils a whole new kind of video with the Buddy Trailer. Just like the popular “Buddy Film” movie genre, which casts a pair of unlikely heroes who must band together, there are bound to be communication problems and hilarious moments. This is one of the original aspects of Of Orcs and Men. Indeed, the powerful and proud Orc warrior Arkaïl and the sly Goblin Styx don’t have much in common, and when they butt heads it allows for some comic relief in an otherwise dark and violent adventure.

While their personalities differ, once thrown into the heat of battle these two will actually complement each other quite nicely. Between the elite Orc soldier’s devastating power and the agility of the Goblin, they will both have to depend on their companion’s talents and skills to get out of tricky situations. For example, Styx will be able to strike opponents out of Arkaïl’s reach, while the powerful Orc’s melee style will draw enemy fire and protect the weaker Goblin. In the face of adversity, a bond will form between our two heroes as they learn to respect each other’s ways. These opposing styles are at the heart of the Buddy Trailer, available to watch now!

[youtube id=”jZ2dhgLV_mU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Take arms, and lead rebellion of Orcs and Goblins on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC retail on October 11th in Europe. The game will also be available for download on PC worldwide on October 11th, and on October 16th on the US PlayStation Network.

Kanji Prearms

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  1. Just really wondering what the retail N/A release date is for the 360 version. It says the 11th but games usually are released on tuesdays here. GameStops, bestbuys ect…don’t even show the game on their computers yet. Very disheartening as this out of all your cods and halos is what looks cool to me. Lol.

    1. We’ve actually noticed the same, and have tossed a message to Focus Home Interactive to see if they can clarify for us.

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