Oklahoma Tax On "Violent" Video Games Shot Down

Oklahoma’s Will Fourkiller (D) attempted to raise some tax dollars and express his personal disapproval of the state of modern gaming by introducing a bill that would add extra taxes to the sale of video games. A 1% tax on all “violent” video games would be levied by the state.  Violent video games would be classified as any title rated Teen, Mature, Or Adult-Only by the ESRB.

The state legislature, however, had a different idea. Citing the recent Supreme Court failure of California’s recent anti-video game legislation, committee leaders were adamant that Fourkiller remove the tax from the budget.  In an attempt to compromise, Mr. Fourkiller tried to create a bipartisan task force to investigate the relationship between video games and obesity.  This request was denied as well.

This is the latest in a string of good legal news for gamers who want to keep their favorite art form safe from government interference. Also, isn’t Will Fourkiller a great name for a video game protagonist? Nathan Drake, Marcus Fenix, and… Will Fourkiller.


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