Phantasy Star Online 2 To Be Released ON Smart Phones, Free To Play

Gaming’s first foray into console-based online RPGs is coming back soon and will be embracing the modern day “freemium” payment scheme.  It has already been announced that the title will be released on the PC and the Vita, but a recent update form Sega reveals that the space-themed hack and slash adventure will also be available on smartphones.   Phantasy Star Online 2 will be released as a free download with special weapons and armor being available as paid DLC.

The smartphone release will, as a matter of necessity, require some significant tweaks to the gameplay to accommodate the new format.  Although the base experience should remain universal, expect a significantly truncated control scheme so that the dungeons can be properly explored while using a touch screen.   There will be no multiplayer available on the smartphones, at lead not at launch, although players will still be able to interact with other players online in some capacity.

No specific release date has been set yet but expect to see a release by the end of this summer

[Source: Kotaku]


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