Pigeon Dating Sim Now Available In English

The extra-quirky Japanese visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend is now available for purchase for the first time in English.  Just like any number of dating simulations, you play a new high school student who has to pick and choose from a whole stable of available singles in the quest to find true love.  This time, though… you gotta choose which pigeon is the right match for you.

That’s right: the boys of  St. Pigeonation Institute are all birds.  A deceptively self-serious parody, it is a true miracle that this title was translated for English speaking audiences.  Hatoful Boyfriend gained notoriety in the west after images of this bizarre game made its way to internet forums in the US.

For just over $5, you can flirt with some hot jocks with feathers, shy book smart avians, and some punk rock pigeons that might just be big softies on the inside.

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