Pokemon Black/White 2 Announced

In a break from tradition, a new Pokemon game in the main series will be a numbered sequel to a previous entry.  Japanese media have shared Nintendo’s announcement of the latest titles in the series, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.  There is little information available about the new games, but Nintendo’s US representatives claim that we will receive more information over the course of the next year.  This doesn’t tell us much, but it does safely rule out a 2012 release date here or overseas.

Traditionally, Pokemon games have only had received an enhanced version after the original sequel is releases. For example, Pokemon Red/Blue saw a special Pokemon Yellow edition back in the original GameBoy days).  It seems that Nintendo may be ditching new “color” titles for smaller deluxe versions of core titles and replacing them with numbers.

The official US Pokemon site claims that the official working titles in the Western market will be Pokemon Black/White Version 2.  Check back with Gizorama for more information as it becomes available.

[Source: Joystiq]

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