Radiant Historia Getting A Reprint

RPG fans have something to cheer about this spring: Atlus’s sleeper DS hit Radiant Historia is due for a reprint this March.  This is great news for those who missed this spectacular time-bending RPG from the publishers of Persona and a huge disappointment for used gaming speculators who were making a killing on eBay where the title could resell for $70 or higher.

Radiant Historia met with near universal critical success.  Unfortunately, a small production run meant there weren’t many copies to go around. Fan interest never wanted, however, and now nearly a year after being released in North America due to a staggering demand.  Atlus USA has not shared any information on exactly how many copies will be sent out to retailers but fans can rest assured there will be plenty of copies available.

In Radiant Historia, players jump across a fractured time line and help stop the slow but inevitable decertification of the planet.  Combining classic JRPG turn based battles with an innovative grid based combat system. With 2D graphics reminiscent of the SNES era, RH has often been compared favorably to the Square-Enix classic Chrono Trigger.

A specific date in March has not yet been set for the rerelease, but the MSRP has been set at only $35.

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