Rockstar Talks L.A. Noire Sequel

Answering fan questions, a Rockstar PR employee took to the company’s official web page to discuss the future of the L.A. Noire series It seems that Rockstar is considering an L.A. Noire 2, but we shouldn’t expect any time soon.  In way of explanation, the representative said “We’re all very pleased with how that game turned out and are considering what the future may hold for L.A. Noire as a series. We don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually – see Max and Red Dead for evidence of that – we have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing.”

This might seem like good news for fans of the hit title, but it is actually more bullish on the chances of a new release in the series than just a few month prior. In November of 2011, Take Two execs described L.A. Noire as a very important franchise with a high probability of receiving a sequel in the near future.

The controversy and subsequent closing of L.A. Noire developers Team Bondi likely has a lot to do with RockStar’s hesitation to rush out a sequel.  For those looking for some modern adventure gaming in the vein of 2011’s neo-noir hit, keep an eye out for  Whore of the Orient from L.A. Noire’s lead designer Brendan McNamara.

[Source: Kotaku]

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