Rumor: ‘Xbox 720’ Documents Leaked

In a 56 page document that showed up on Scribd, details about the upcoming next generation Xbox console leaked. The document claimed the next Xbox will launch in 2013 for $299 and supposedly have Blu-Ray functionality. The document goes on to explain the games will look “4x – 6x” better than the current generation of Xbox 360 games. Microsoft will be adding a DVR to the newest Xbox as well, according to the Scribd document, something would be a very welcome addition to the console.

Augmented Reality is also mentioned in the document, but that is all speculation as being an added feature in 2014. The new “Xbox 720” will also have some form of “always on” functionality, and run apps simultaneously – meaning the “Xbox 720” will involve a form of multitasking.

As of now it is all a rumor because the document has disappeared from Scribd website due to allegations of copyright infringement, at the request of the law firm Covington and Burling LLP.

An interesting part of this whole ordeal is that while information regarding the “Xbox 720” leaked and is just speculation at this point, the document was removed rather quickly from the Scribd website, meaning the information behind the “Xbox 720” probably is not a rumor after all.

Source: Joystiq

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