Show Your Appreciation This Father’s Day with the Ultimate Gift

Looking to snag your father or significant father figure the ultimate gift this year? Does your father figure like video games? What about driving faster than Ricky Bobby? And does he enjoy beer? Well, if you answered yes to the three previous questions we have one heck of a gift idea for you. The Octane 120 is the ultimate in home arcade gaming, and combines three things every gamer wants: classic arcade games, arcade-style racing, and a beer tap to get your favorite beverage without having to get out of the seat.

Controls Features:

  • Fully adjustable steering wheel and seat
  • In-dash beer tap
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter
  • Dual motor force feedback
  • Metal gas, clutch, and break pedals with variable resistance

Since the unit is based on a PC, your experience is fully customizable and can be upgraded at any time to add more games or game options. The unit even has support for the PS3! When it comes to your drink of choice, the Octane 120 holds up to two 5 gallon kegs, or one 1/2 barrel keg.

The Octane 120 can be your dream come true for a cool $5,995 plus shipping & handling, and while you won’t be able to receive it in time for Father’s Day, it’s still a great gift as it’s pre-configured, and pre-built for each customer.

For moreĀ informationĀ or details, head on over to Dream Arcades’ website here.

Kanji Prearms

Kanji has been holding a controller since he could walk, and loves nothing more than talking about his latest conquest with friends.

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