Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Released

One of the most talked about freeware games in recent memory has released the long awaited upgrade to the popular title. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 invites you to return to a Mushroom Kingdom Mashup. Like the previous version, players take control of classic NES characters like Samus, Link, and Simon Belmont while playing through the stages of the original Super Mario Bros.  The 2.0 upgrade introduces the high jumping Luigi and Megaman frenemy Bass to the mix, adding some small variations to character templates already available.

The real meat of the latest version of this flash title, however, is the way it mashes up different generations of graphics, music, and character art. Imagine running through a Super Mario Bros. 3 version of Level 1-1  with the music from Super Mario Land 2 blaring and the Super NES Samus blasting away at Goombas. The entire experience is surreal and it only becomes more so when it swaps in the art and backgrounds from obscure Japanese hacks and spin offs of the popular SMB series.

Despite Super Mario Bros. Crossover’s dubious legality, it appears that Nintendo has taken no action to have this beloved title removed. Designer Jay Pavlina has done his creation proud with the upgrade to 2.0.

Give it a play online at Exploding Rabbit’s website.


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