Swivl Announces the Swivl “it”!

Great news for all you techie communicators out there! We’ve just gotten word that Swivl has released a new low-cost model of their Swivl personal cameraman named the Swivl “it”. Here’s the official release

We’ve packed a ton of good features into the first release of the Swivl. And our early adopters have greatly valued things like the digital mic, automated vertical framing and more. But we’ve also heard that for some uses like video chat or with non-iOS users, that all these features aren’t necessary. That a more basic version would suffice. So we decided to make a quick update to meet the needs of BOTH users.

For those that don’t need all the features and want to save a bit of money in the process, we are introducing a new Swivl with a mic-less marker and manual tilt– say hello to Swivl-it.

The newest member of the Swivl family will be $129. Plus, if you later on decide you DO need the mic, you can simply order a new marker as an accessory upgrade with the a mic for $49 (coming soon). So even if you decide to start without it, you can always upgrade to a better system quickly and easily.

The new Swivl “it” includes the following features:

  • Basic version of previously released product
  • Same horizontal follow and remote control features
  • Manual tilt
  • Microphone not included, but available with $49 Marker accessory upgrade
  • Device and marker has no green on Swivl Logo
  • Price $129
  • Available for order immediately. Shipping before the end of May.

The new Swivl “it” is available now here for $129, we think it is sure to turn some heads.

via Swivl.

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