The Mystery of the Frozen City: Sherlock is on the Case!

A violent snow storm continues to rage over London and Sherlock Holmes is on the case of this strange phenomenon.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Frozen City, the famous detective’s newest adventure designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, today reveals more details in a new series of images. Sherlock Holmes has his trusty friend, Doctor Watson, helping him on this very special case, to discover what or who has unleashed the storm that is paralyzing England’s capital city. One thing is certain: this storm is nothing natural, and Sherlock is determined to prove it!

Explore amazing environments, meet and interrogate a cast of colorful characters, and examine objects and clues to discover the evidence needed to solve this incredible case. Many original puzzles and brain-teasers will put Sherlock’s investigation skills to the test, ultimately unveiling the truth behind the Mystery of the Frozen City!

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Frozen City will be released on Nintendo 3DS at the end of October 2012.

Kanji Prearms

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