Confrontation (PC) Preview

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Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Preview Platform: PC
Release Date: April 5, 2012


Cyanide, the French studio who brought you Game of Thrones and Blood Bowl, is deep in the trenches developing tactical RPG title Confrontation. Confrontation is based on a fantasy miniature wargaming title of the same name. Wargaming uses dice rolls, hand-crafted terrain, and model figurines typically made and painted by hand. In Confrontation, you take a digital jump into wargaming where clashes of small groups are in abundance as four factions are at war for control of Aarklash, the beautiful world of Confrontation.

Confrontation begins with you traversing Aarklash while looking for members of your squad from the Griffin faction that had spread out to scout the land. Your initial mission is to retrieve your squad and then investigate a hidden clone factory that the technomancers of the rival Scorpion faction are running. While the preview only has four heroes to collect, over the course of many missions you should have a choice of over a dozen heroes to build your squad out of.

Battles run in real-time but luckily there is a pause button so you can give out commands if you are starting to feel overwhelmed by controlling 4  individual heroes. You right-click your enemies to attack them and are also able to cast 6 abilities. You are also able to queue up movement and combat orders for each hero allowing the next 6 or so orders to be preplanned. This feature is especially useful with the pause function. Once an enemy is dead experience is shared among surviving heroes and the mission continues.

There appears to be no loot, just glyphs to upgrade your heroes current gear. The normal experience and level up rewards of increasing attributes and skills with points system is available here. In fact most of the user interface and controls are typical to the genre with no surprises. You’re pretty much able to jump into the game without prior knowledge of the controls as long as you’ve played similar games. This is not a bad thing, just don’t expect your mind to be blown by something new. Graphics and audio seem on par with most tactical RPGs out there. With some more polish, Confrontation is definitely going to be worth the time to play it and is a title one should look forward to playing in the future.

Confrontation releases for PC on April 5th in both retail stores and for digital download. Check out the teaser trailer below:

[youtube id=”PKxHKYpsYM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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