Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge (XBLA) Preview

Game Info

Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Preview Platform: Xbox LIVE Arcade (Xbox 360)
Preview Code Provided By: SQUARE ENIX
Release Date: November 20, 2012


From publisher Square-Soft and developer IO Interactive, Hitman: Absolution sees the return of Agent 47 doing what he does best, wetwork. By pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution from GameStop, you receive a mission turned challenge turned pre-order bonus called Hitman: Sniper Challenge. The mission puts you in the shoes of 47 as he sits on a rooftop across the way from a rooftop penthouse party on a skyscraper. His target is Richard Strong, a CEO of a weapons manufacturer. The mission is scripted as Strong lands in a helicopter on the roof and mingles with guests and paces inside his office in front of the windows. 47’s goal is to take down as many of the guards as possible and Strong himself.

There are multiple ways to play the mission…well as many ways as there is to shoot the gun. It’s all about timing and location. Take a guard down in the open and chaos ensues while Strong tries to escape. Shoot a control box on the elevator and as the guard peers in to investigate, shoot him in the end and watch as he falls down the shaft with his body hidden. Score is gained and determined by how you kill someone and the chain of types in a row i.e. 3x Headshot or 4x Hiding the body.

Challenges also await Agent 47 in Sniper Challenge. These challenges range from shooting all the pigeons on the level to rubber ducks to killing an enemy by dropping barrels of booze on them. Once you complete a challenge, it unlocks a permanent score modifier that will help improve your score on subsequent playthroughs. Generating a large score will get you a good placement on the leaderboards. But if you don’t care about besting your friends and people you don’t know, there is the added bonus that your cumulative score unlocks traits and perks in regards to sniping for the main game Hitman: Absolution.

If Sniper Challenge is any indication to the quality of Absolution, then we can expect a top-tier game. The gun play feels smooth and is one of the better sniping experiences out there in games now. While Sniper Challenge is a limited taste of a larger product, it has its own replayability factor that might just keep you trying for that high score or perk unlock for a couple of weeks.

Hitman: Absolution releases November 20th, 2012 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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