A4Tech’s G7-310D Zero Delay Series Mouse

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Brand: A4Tech
Model: 310D G7 Zero Delay Series
Review Unit Provided By: A4Tech


One of the most hated things about the old mechanical computer mouse design with a ball was having to clean dirt and lint off the rollers inside. While the move to optical and laser has remedied much of that headache, there is still the potential of crud getting caught up in the hole that emits the light. A4Tech decided their mice needed to go one step further and make them holeless. The G7-310D is part of the new holeless and no lag line that features technology in the wireless receiver to cut down down on delay from movement of the mouse to the screen caused by speed of the signal.


The G7-310D is extremely light coming in at around 51 grams and at that weight it is a small mouse. If you don’t have a small hand, your fingers will likely hang off the buttons unless you arch them. The G7-310D does not have the design features found in more expensive mice like extra buttons or rubberized sections for comfort. This allows the mouse to keep it’s weight low but leads to a feeling of dollar store plastic cheapness. This feeling is probably due to the conditioning we receive that durable electronics have heft and compactness because nothing during the review process outside of feel lead us to believe that it was a cheap mouse including my frequent clumsiness with dropping it several times.


The first of the two main features of the mouse is the holeless design. Rather than detect movement through a hole with a light diode, the G7-310D has what appears to be semi transparent plastic covering what would have been the hole. It keeps dirt out of your mouse hole and it moves smoothly. The documentation mentions it being spill proof too but liquid can still get it through the battery cover and the on/off switch. Using the mouse on a black card table from Walmart produced jerky movement on-screen. Moving to more traditional surfaces like desks improved the quality by leaps and bounds. Where the G7-310D shines is on fabrics. Using the mouse on the arm of a recliner or couch is smooth as butter. There also will not be any lint in your mouse hole thanks to the holeless design.


The second main feature is the no lag wireless receiver. The tag line is zero delay and a synchronized RF signal. For me, there was no noticeable difference between the G7-310D and any other wireless mouse I have used. That is not to say it doesn’t work as advertised, just that it is not enough of a delay in normal wireless mice for it to be noticed unless something is seriously wrong with the other mouse. The range on the G7-310D is up to 15 meters with usage getting spotty at around 15 meters, but works fine as long as you’re not pushing the distance boundaries. The receiver has the micro design that leaves just a nub sticking out of the USB port. It is easy to lose but luckily the G7-310D has a solution for that with a place inside the battery area to hold the receiver when not in use.

Score: 4/5

The G7-310D is a mouse to buy for travel and kicking back on the couch while using your computer hooked up to a TV.  It is a mouse you can carry around with your laptop and not even notice the weight difference. Those with big hands might want to stick with their track pads or pick up a bigger mouse. If not, they will surely be faced with hand cramps trying to wrap their mitts around such a tiny mouse. The holeless feature is great for those that have issues of dust and dirt messing up their mice, but the zero delay tech didn’t seem to make much of a difference and might only matter to those who work under conditions that may slow wireless mice.

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