3 Sprockets Respond to Community Feedback & Make ‘Cubemen 2’ IAP Free

3 Sprockets today announced that there has been concerns from the community over using In-App Purchase content in the marketing material for the game. Essentially all those cool themes and skins you saw in the screenshots and trailers aren’t included in the full version of the game until you further purchase those items as well.

The Community have always been a key part of the Cubemen experience and we take their collective feedback very seriously”, commented Seon Rozenblum, Director of 3 Sprockets, “We have listened to player thoughts about our marketing and have come up with a perfect resolution. All skins and themes that we use in our Steam store page screenshots and trailer will now be permanently free within the game”.

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the announcement from Rozenblum:

1. All skins and themes that we use in our store page screenshots and trailer will be permanently free within the game.

2. For the duration of our launch week sale on Steam, all new and existing Cubemen 2 customers have a “GET FREE GIFT” button in their Customisation menu where they can claim ALL of our current skins and themes for free.

3. We will be fully refunding every customer that bought any of our in game purchases since we launched. We will be processing these over the next few days, and we appreciate you patience while we work through the rather long list.

Post-launch sale, 3 Sprockets will continue to add skins and themes (both paid and free) in Cubemen 2 as they feel it’s the best way to keep the game at a minimal cost for our large fan base and provides a mechanism for those that are interested, to pay for some additional visual customisation. 3 Sprockets, strongly believes in its IAP model, only offering cosmetic changes as paid content and not pushing pay to win, or pay to play purchases.

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