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Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea – The First 5 Minutes

If you love the BioShock series as much as I do, then you’ll understand why I squealed with delight after the announcement of the newest development in creative director Ken Levine’s world of BioShock, Burial at SeaBioShock Infinite DLC that revisits the underwater city of Rapture on the eve of its fall from grace. To keep us on the edge of our seats, 2K gives us a sneak peak into the first 5 minutes of gameplay of Burial at Sea:

[youtube id=”hSou7NmhOkg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

What do you think of the DLC so far?


Melissa Avila

A gamer since the day she became deranged by the power of stomping her first goomba, Melissa was born and raised in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Miami, Florida and currently lives with her mini bear dog Ginger, whom she has periodic jam sessions with on the keyboard. Melissa enjoys long walks through the wasteland and has an unhealthy addiction to tic-tacs (in addition to her love of parentheses [and, unfortunately, also brackets]).

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