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Borderlands 2 Gets a Raised Level Cap, but it’ll Cost You

Borderlands 2 Level Cap

Gearbox has finally answered the community wanting a level cap increase for Borderlands 2. Well, that is for your money. ┬áThis was announced today over at Gearbox’s PAX East panel. Reportedly it seems that owners of the season pass for the game won’t have to pay $5 to get this add-on. Although some consumers are panicking over the word “add-on” worried that this is not a part of the actual season pass. ┬áThe season pass as stated is to include “four brand new individual add-on content campaigns for Borderlands 2 as they become available.” Maybe the level cap increase is part of something bigger to come? Who knows.

Players that have hit the max level of 50 will be able to go up another 11 levels up to a new cap of 61. This will also include the return of Pearlescent weapons. These weapons are of high level, and hard to find in the first Borderlands. Hopefully you’ll score a couple with the golden keys you might have lying around. That is if you’re lucky enough. You’ll be able to get your grind on for the increased level cap, and shiny new toys this April 2nd.

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