DailyBurn Partners with Internet Explorer on Xbox has partnered with Internet Explorer on Xbox to bring their style of workout programs to your Xbox to be utilized in conjunction with tablet and smart phones for the ultimate experience. By itself, Daily Burn is an extremely well designed website featuring massive amounts of workout videos separated into programs allowing users to schedule workouts towards a weight loss goal. There are currently 9 different programs at 3 different levels of difficulty in 3 different time ranges — 0-20 mins, 20-40 mins, and 40-60 mins.

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There is a little bit of everything at Daily Burn ranging from Yoga to cardio styled after dances, MMA, and boxing. For someone as out of shape as me even the easy programs tend to be on the hard side but they are at a pace where a couple of weeks of work will have you jumping around with the trainers in lockstep. For the most part the trainers are personable and it should be easy to find someone that you can relate to which is important to maximize a workout. I will admit there was one or two I cringed a bit over but the layout of the site easily let me avoid workouts featuring those trainers.

Daily Burn features a wide variety of workouts
Daily Burn features a wide variety of workouts

The interface for the site when accessed from the Internet Explorer on Xbox 360 has been altered to have a more “Metro” feel to it. This allows quicker browsing and access to the workouts via controller. The big draw is being able to tie your tablet and phone to the experience by a special URL or QR code that syncs the devices to the Xbox 360 experience on the server. Though easily accomplished with a nice overlay on the video, the second screen idea to display stats like calories burned is the kind of direction we should see our devices go.

If you are looking for a great new program or a change up to your current one, via IE on Xbox 360 might be just right for you. They are offering a free 2 month subscription for those signing up via IE which gives you plenty of time to sign up, forget about it, remember then try it, forget about it again, and hopefully finally commit to a healthier lifestyle.

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