Dave & Buster’s Wants Your Help to Create the Next Big Game

Pac-ManDonkey KongStreet Fighter.  Legendary games that have been played and loved by millions.  Now, in a ground-breaking competition, Dave & Buster’s is turning to its guests to continue that tradition of arcade game greatness by asking one simple question: what’s your big game idea?

Dave & Buster’s has partnered with VH1, MTV and Comedy Central to launch a new contest in search of the ‘Next Big Game’.  As an industry leader in entertainment, Dave & Buster’s is taking games to the next level, by giving the public a chance to come up with the next legendary game concept.

Dave & Buster’s guests have never been shy about sharing their opinions, but they’ve never had an opportunity to get involved with the actual design of our games. Until now,” Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of Entertainment explained.  “You don’t need to be a famous game designer with decades of computer programming skills and a multi-million dollar development budget.  You just need that one awesome idea.”

The contest represents the dining and entertainment chain’s on-going commitment to deliver new food, new drinks, and, of course, new games.

We have introduced more new games at Dave & Buster’s this year than ever before, and they are among the best games we’ve ever seen.  But now we’ve set an incredibly high bar.  To deliver more and even better games next year, we need your help,” said Bachus.  “If you’ve ever had an idea for a game that you just can’t believe no one has tried to make, this is the contest for you.  Who knows?  We just might build it!”

The contest will run from June 10 to July 15, and is open to residents of the continental United States.  The winner will not only have the opportunity to have their winning game designed as a mobile app or featured as an arcade attraction in Dave & Buster’s nation-wide, but may also win free games for life.

If you win the contest to create a new game,” asked Bachus, “What could possibly be a better reward than free games for life at Dave & Buster’s?”

For more information and full official rules about Dave & Buster’s “Next Big Game Search” contest, visit NEXTGAME.CC.COM

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