Disney Set To Take On Skylanders With Disney Infinity


Today, Disney Interactive Co-President John Pleasants and John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer for Disney and Pixar announced their upcoming action adventure video game Disney Infinity. Done in the same vein as Skylanders, Disney Infinity will allow gamers to place toy figurines, such as Disney characters and power up discs, on an Infinity Base, thereby transporting digital versions of the toy figurines into the video game world to activate new gameplay.

According to The Walt Disney Company:

The platform lets players play through story-driven experiences based on popular Disney franchises, and collect unique characters, vehicles, and gadgets from each world and save them to a virtual “Toy Box.” Players can create their own adventures in the virtual “Toy Box” using the items they’ve gathered. When Disney Infinity launches in June, players can explore the worlds of Monsters University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean — with more Play Sets to be revealed soon.”

Hopefully, the “Play Sets” will expand to most of Disney’s different franchises, thus giving gamers a wider variety of ways to shape and expand their experience within Disney Infinity. What franchises do you hope Disney makes available for purchase as figurines? Check out the launch trailer for Disney Infinity below, and sound off in the comments section.

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