Extra Life Announces Make-up Day

Gaming fundraiser group Extra Life has announced that they will be holding a make-up day this Saturday, November 9th. “But why? Didn’t they make 3 million dollars?!”

They did. As a matter of fact, they’ve made about 3.8 million dollars. However, their efforts were also hindered by four DDoS attacks throughout the day last Saturday. This led to people being unable to register and/or donate throughout the day. Hence, if you’re still willing to help raise money for your local Childrens Miracle Hospital, visit Extra Life’s website, register and declare your fundraising day (you can either declare for November 9th, or declare up to December 31st to have your donation count for 2013).

Bevon Lewis

Bevon was born and raised in New York City. If he isn't adventuring around the city with earbuds on, he's probably playing a fighting game. Is easily subdued by shiny gadgets, Gundams, and burgers.

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