Forza Announces “Rewards” Premium Service and We’ve Got All the Details

Lately, many popular franchises seem to be adding their own unique service to work with their games. There is Halo Waypoint, Call of Duty Elite, Battlefield Premium, and many more. Forza is the most recent franchise to be added to this list, however, their service doesn’t work exactly the same. While most of these services track stats, and allow you to compare them to friends, very rarely is the player rewarded for their dedication. Forza Rewards changes all of that!

Hey look! Those are my stats!
Hey look! Those are my stats!

How does it work? It is really quite simple. Play any Forza game on the Xbox 360 and earn points for various stats such as, achievements, days played, and driver level.  As you accumulate points, you advance to new tiers. The new tiers unlock bigger and better prizes that span across all of the Forza games you own. Unlike most of these services that traditionally abandon the previous game when the new one is released, Forza Rewards supports all of their 360 titles.

A deeper look at Forza 3 statistics.
A deeper look at Forza 3 statistics.

Forza Rewards’ point totals can be compared to your friends, but don’t expect any in-depth statistics. It’s not that there aren’t various stats from the different games, but they fail to reach the same level as other services. While nothing has been confirmed, do not be surprised if you see a deeper stat tracker for Forza 5 in Forza Rewards.

Is this a cool system? Would you like to see a more rewarding meta-service for all of your gaming franchises?

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