Major Pikmin 3 Update


In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto revealed a very crucial piece of info about upcoming Wii U exclusive Pikmin 3 during an investor’s meeting today, according to IGN.

Pikmin 3 will have an option available to play the game only on the Wii U GamePad.

This comes in contrast to E3 2012, when Nintendo said that the primary control method for the video game would be via the Wii Remote Plus controller. This is sure to excite fans of the strategy genre, as the GamePad seems like an ideal way to play an RTS adventure such as Pikmin 3.

What do you think? Is a GamePad control scheme for Pikmin 3 the way to go? Or should Nintendo have left the Wii Remote Plus as the control method? Sound off in the comments section below.

Christian Miller

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