New Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS Bundle Announced, Preorders Available

A new Nintendo 3DS bundle has been announced for the upcoming turn based strategy video game Fire Emblem Awakening. The cobalt blue 3DS (not 3DS XL) will be specially emblazoned with Fire Emblem artwork, and the bundle is set to include Fire Emblem Awakening pre-installed and a 4GB memory card.  The bundle is to retail for $199.99.

If you would rather just have the game by itself, preorders are available. Retailer GameStop is even offering a Limited Edition character art book as a preorder bonus.

Additionally, from launch day the 3DS eShop will have new Fire Emblem Awakening maps available for purchase and download. The first map will be free for a brief time, and then new maps will be available every week after.

Fire Emblem Awakening is the first entry in the fantasy turn-based strategy series on Nintendo 3DS. It tells the story of Lord Chrom and his growing army of companions as they band together to save the world from a rising evil. Fire Emblem Awakening features a gorgeous art style and voice acting, plus an epic storyline with a massive lineup of memorable characters with unique personalities. As with past entries in the series, every decision the player makes is vital, as characters lost in battle are gone forever.”

Fire Emblem Awakening will hit store shelves on February 4, 2013, with a demo being available in the 3DS eShop on January 17. What do you think? Is the new bundle worth the price? Sound off in the comments section below.

Christian Miller

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