New Vita Model, Memory Card, PS Vita TV, and Sorry Japan

Coming from the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan presentation, sort of an early start rolling towards the Tokyo Game Show later this month, they’re have been some interesting announcements.

It looks like the PlayStation 4 doesn’t drop in Japan until February 22nd, 2014. To make up for that they’ll be getting Knack if they get the PS4 First Limited Pack. The delay is based on Sony wanting more games present on the PS4 that caters to their Japanese audience.

PS4limited pack

New Vita model, called the Vita 2000, is 20% thinner with an hour long on the battery. This includes 1 GB of built in memory, and comes in six different colors available only as a WiFi model. The OLED screen has been replaced in favor for the IPS LCD, and now sports a 6.3 inch display. The new Vita will be dropping at a price that is roughly $200. It’ll also be dropping some special versions of the new Vita for Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered, Gundam Breaker, and God Eater 2 which look rather nice.

Vita Slim colors
God Eater 2 Vita

Following that up the Vita is also getting an upgrade in memory card size up that’s at 64GB. It’ll be available for 9,980 yen which is about $100 leading to a price drop for the smaller card sizes. At the moment this is only confirmed for Japan, coming to them on October 10th, and we don’t know when it may come to the West.


The most interesting bit of news though? The PlayStation Vita TV, which notably has a PS Vita card slot, will be launching globally. It can stream services like Hulu, and allows you to hop into the PlayStation store. Based on what Sony says  it currently can play over a hundred Vita games, but it also doesn’t support all of them because of the limitations that is the Dualshock 3 controller. It will also play over six hundred PSP as well as over six hundred PS1 digital games. You can probably look forward to playing more Vita games around the time the Dualshock 4 comes out.

PS Vita TV
ps vita tv23

Here’s a concept video Sony put out of how the Vita TV can be utilized.

[youtube id=”Ata90Y92UeI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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