Paradox’s Newest Studio, Paradox North, Announces ‘Magicka: Wizard Wars’

Paradox Interactive, best known for their Magicka franchise, recently announced a new branch of Paradox, Paradox North. Paradox North will be  “comprised of industry veterans with extensive experience in-game creation and wizard staff repair” and will debut with the release of Magicka: Wizard Wars. Check out the announcement trailer below:

[youtube id=”DXg59hBUs_Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a team-based, fast-paced, two-faced, post-haste, four-on-four twitch action-PvP title, mixes Magicka’s hallmark dynamic spellcasting and absurd pop-culture humor with new hardcore game mechanics and a focus on competitive play.

A bit of what they had to say made me excited. Anyone who has played Magicka is probably aware of  its humorous writing, and unique spell casting system. What do you think?

Sean Zingiris

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