PAX Prime Badges Sell Out in Six Hours

This year’s PAX Prime was just announced yesterday, but if you missed the news you’re already too late to grab tickets for the show. Just hours after the announcement, the guys from Penny Arcade shot out another update:

Six hours later and we are again completely sold out of badges.

While the Penny Arcade Expo is marked as the largest public gaming expo in North America, it’s a bit disheartening there isn’t a better system set up to allow gamers to purchase tickets at a fair price. If you were quick enough single day tickets could be had for $30, while a full event pass would be $95. However now if you’re looking to attend the show you must look elsewhere, like Craig’s List, in hopes of snagging a pass.

Since I live in Seattle, I knew I’d have luck finding tickets for PAX online hours after they were sold out. Even though tickets wont physically be available for weeks, there are over 100 ads for PAX tickets on Craig’s List as of typing this. Single day passes for $100, full passes as much as $250 and prices will continue to rise and tickets become more and more scarce. A nightmare for gamers looking to attend an expo, a dream come true for ticket scalpers.

What do you think? Did you miss out on snagging tickets? Let us know in the comments!

Kanji Prearms

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