Skype: 3D and PS4

In an interview with BBC, Mark Gillet, vice-president of Skype, confirmed that 3D video calls have been partially developed. They have the technology capable of displaying 3D, but 3D capture is cannot be done solely with software. In fact, a separate device may be required. Microsoft has also made plans to create “body-doubles” of actual people, but this will be a project some time down the road. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft will incorporate 3D Skype, Kinect 2.0, and the IllumiRoom in the future.

Skype on Xbox One
Skype on Xbox One

In more Skype news, Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 4, may be receiving the Skype service. While Skype has been on the handheld Sony platforms for a long time now, the video chat service was recently acquired by Microsoft. Mark Gillet, stated:

We’re obviously not party to their pre-release hardware road map [but] we’re committed to cross-platform

Looks like good news for any Sony Skype users! Despite Sony being a large competitor to Microsoft in the console market, they have proven to be strong partners in other markets such as the PC with Sony Vaio. They even worked together on the MSX, a 1980s Japanese console/PC hybrid!

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