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The Extra Life Gaming Marathon

Do you enjoy gaming? How about helping to cure children with life-threatening conditions? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then prepare yourself for Extra Life‘s 25 hour gaming marathon, one of the biggest gaming charity events of the year! Every year the folks at Extra Life host a charity event in which tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world play games, either individually or in teams, in order to raise money for the kids at their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Basically, all you have to do is play while your friends and family pledge!

From the Extra Life blog:

Extra Life began in 2008 as a way of honoring a young lady named Victoria Enmon. Tori’s battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia inspired the Sarcastic Gamer Community in a way that is difficult to describe. Members sent in video games and bought gifts to keep Tori’s spirits up despite numerous hospital stays and three bouts with the deadly disease.

Tragically, we lost Tori to cancer in January 2008. Later that year, I asked my partners at Sarcastic Gamer if they would be interested in Extra Life, a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for the hospital that treated and fought beside Tori. In 2008 and 2009 Extra Life raised a combined $302,000, 100 percent of which went directly to help kids like Tori at my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (Texas Children’s Hospital).

[youtube id=”rHSZ_82wiJg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

About the Children’s Miracle Network:

Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 children’s hospitals. Countless individuals, organizations and media partners unite with Children’s Miracle Network hospitals to help sick and injured kids in local communities. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network create miracles by funding medical care, research and education that save and improve the lives of 17 million children each year.

Here’s all the info you need to know about the charity event straight from their website:

WHEN:  November 2, 2013 @ 8am (Or pick a date that works for you!)

WHERE:  Anywhere you like to game (Most people play from home!)

GAME/PLATFORM:  Play anygames on any platforms you want including mobile devices or board games!

HOW IT WORKS:  Simply ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts.  They can make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift.  Then, have a seat and play games on November 2nd.

WHO IT BENEFITS:  Gamers select the children’s hospital they want to play for during registration.  In the US and Canada there are more than 170 CMN Hospitals to choose from.  Players outside of North America can choose hospitals and causes that work specifically in their area of the world.

As always you can register for Extra Life absolutely free, however we’d like you to consider the $15 Platinum option, which makes you eligible to receive lot’s of goodies and prizes throughout the campaign, including the official 2013 Extra Life T-shirt when you hit $200 in funds raised.

READY TO GET STARTED? Register here!

WANT TO PARTICIPATE BUT DON’T WANT TO DO IT ALONE? The social media and entertainment site Reddit has created their own team that anyone can join!

WANT TO JUST DONATE? To donate without participating, you can go here. If you want to donate by sponsoring a specific team or individual, you can search for their name here and then click “Support Me” on the participant’s page.

For more information about the event and charity organization, visit Extra Life’s FAQ’s

Melissa Avila

A gamer since the day she became deranged by the power of stomping her first goomba, Melissa was born and raised in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Miami, Florida and currently lives with her mini bear dog Ginger, whom she has periodic jam sessions with on the keyboard. Melissa enjoys long walks through the wasteland and has an unhealthy addiction to tic-tacs (in addition to her love of parentheses [and, unfortunately, also brackets]).

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