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Developer: Over the Top Games
Publisher: Over the Top Games / Valve Software
Review Platform: PC (Consoles considered for the future)
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Release Date: TBD


If there’s one genre that persists despite everything else in the game industry, it’s the action-RPG lootathon. Often taking the form of a top-down storm of flying stat numbers and ferocious clicking, or the FPS stylings of Borderlands and Tower of Guns, which change the action to…a storm of flying stat numbers and ferocious clicking. While the general assumption is that Diablo is both the originator and king of this genre, it has proved host to a number of also-rans like the indie darling Torchlight, Space Siege, and the underrated Titan Quest. The upcoming title Full Mojo Rampage from Over the Top Games strives to offer some good old-fashioned roguelike clickin’ and lootin’, combined with an art style that strives to provide a change of pace from the usual dreary fantasy lands.

Graveyards and graveyards worth of the undead want a piece of you - but aren't they adorable?
Graveyards and graveyards worth of the undead want a piece of you – but aren’t they adorable?

Full Mojo Rampage serves up many well-worn action RPG tropes under an adorably cartoonish voodoo veneer. The moment-to-moment gameplay consists of a frantic battle for survival against seemingly endless waves of psuedo-Claymation ghosts and goblins (which is different from Ghosts ‘n Goblins), clicking as fast as your index finger will allow to unleash a stream of magic bolts and special power against your foes. Different classes are selectable under the guise of picking a different patron Voodoo deity, all providing a different set of abilities. Ghede is my favorite, as the abilites he bestows provide crowd control not unlike the Witch Doctor from Diablo (or maybe the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, in a sense), but I have to admit to feeling a sense of obligation to Baron Samedi due to my love of Live and Let Die. While none of the different ‘classes’ offer much in the way of depth and customization, they’re all distinct enough to put some weight behind your choice.

On a technical level, the game accomplishes what it sets out to do without overreaching its limited scope. Everything ran buttery-smooth on my setup when defaulted to the maximum settings, without a single instance of slowdown or frame skip, and noticeably minimal loading times. While the game currently can only be played with a standard mouse/keyboard setup, the controls are involved enough that you’ll be grateful to not have to wrestle with a gamepad. My only complaint lies with the HUD. There’s an awful lot of information the game tries to convey to you, and the HUD layout tends to glaze over some important information; while you’ll always have a good sense of when your special powers have cooled down, you’ll find yourself switching wands without noticing, and constantly fumbling to check your supply of heath potions. It’s nothing that can’t be overcome by spending enough time with the interface, though. A multiplayer mode will be available, and between the shallowness of the game’s systems and the speed with which everything occurs, it seems to be positioned as the primary draw for the game; perhaps once the full version is out and more people populate the online segment of the game, it may stand as a fantastic place for RPG fanatics to scratch that co-op itch that may pop up after all the Borderlands 2 DLC is over with.

Get used to that low health warning - you'll be seeing it a lot at first.
Get used to that low health warning – you’ll be seeing it a lot at first.

All in all, Full Mojo Rampage gives a lot to look forward to, for gamers of a certain stripe. While the character customization doesn’t quite give the depth of options that other RPGs offer, you’re still given plenty of tools to crush the adorable hordes of damned souls you face, and once the full game is out and the complete list of deities and powers are at your disposal, you won’t tire of it anytime soon. Anyone interested in pre-ordering and/or contributing to the development fund can check out the various pricing options at http://www.fullmojorampage.com. If you’re in the mood to click on some skeletons until they drop their gold, but you don’t wanna commit to anything with a lot of grinding, and/or you need something to play online with your friends that’s maybe a little more chaotic than a lot of the multiplayer experiences available right now, then keep an eye out for Full Mojo Rampage when it drops…which is hopefully soon.

Tim Allen

Tim has been a gamer since the very first Goomba in Super Mario 3 killed him one Christmas. He lives outside of Detroit and is very picky about music and beer.


  1. I’m totally digging the art style. You don’t see many things taking advantage of the rich mythos that voodoo offers. The game itself looks fun as hell and I *do* love clicking on skeletons until they drop their gold! I’m looking forward to checking it out, thanks to this review. ^_^

  2. It still amazes me that there is such a multiplayer itch amongst RPG fanatics. In any case the art style looks fun and the whole voodoo thing sounds interesting.

  3. Awesome review! The game’s style reminds me a bit of Spiral Knights in terms of graphics (although darker). But it definitely looks like something I’d enjoy!

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