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Developer: New World Interactive
Publisher: New World Interactive
Review Platform: PC (Steam)
Review Copy Provided By: New World Interactive
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Originally a Source Engine mod, INSURGENCY is preparing for its full release in the coming months. At first glance it seems like there is very little that is special about insurgency, and for the most part that would be correct. It borrows elements from other tactical shooters, and there is nothing that INSURGENCY does unique or new. Despite being yet another modern shooter, it works, sort of.

INSURGENCY provides both multiplayer and co-op offerings, both use the same maps and class setups, but only one is worth playing. The multiplayer is the central aspect of this title, while co-op feels more like a broken mess that the developers thought could expand gameplay.

Insurgent firing his weapon
Insurgent firing his weapon

When combating other players in multiplayer, you have a number of modes to choose from. All of them require precise strategy and cooperation in order to fully take control. There are eight maps to choose from and while none of them are particularly interesting or original, they serve the gameplay well enough and there isn’t any glaring issues. Each team is usually broken into four squads of four players and each member of the various squads is assigned a different class. While the predefined classes limit players from using whatever weapon they choose, it serves to balance the teams out so there aren’t too many shotguns or to many sniper rifles on the map at one time. Don’t worry though, weapon attachments are still customizable with an in-game point system. Lone wolfing it is also impractical because just about any decent duo in the game can pin you down and flank you quite easily. INSURGENCY seems to be going for a very realistic take on combat, one well-placed shot to the chest with an SMG is about enough to drop your target. It is both a different and welcome change from the bullet sponge shooters of today.

Looks like the insurgent won
Looks like the insurgent won

While multiplayer and general combat is solid, just about everything else is a complete mess. The cooperative mode for INSURGENCY seems to be more of a training match than a full-fledged mode. This would be fine, a decent mode for inexperienced players to practice on, but the AI are anything but tactical. For the most part, these incapable morons run past you, stand next to you and spin around in circles, or just stand there. However, if you dare to fire one bullet, even with a silenced weapon, every enemy will instantly shoot you. Some may have their back to you or have their weapon pointed at the ground, but somehow, they always manage to hit you. Playing this mode is a lesson in frustration and it is either unfinished or simply tacked on.

For an indie, maps can look  quite nice
For an indie, maps can look quite nice

The largest problem noticeable throughout the entire game is how frequently crashes. Want to up the graphical settings above low? It crashes. Want to switch to your desktop? It crashes. Want to up the resolution? It crashes. It will crash while loading servers and mid-game too. It is borderline unplayable in this state.

While the final game is still months off from release, at the $20 dollar price point the early access is being offered at, you should pass. There are far more polished tactical shooters out there. Only time will tell if INSURGENCY will blossom into a functional game.

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