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Spate Review

Developer:  Eric Provan – Ayyo Games
Publisher: Ayyo Games
Review Platform: PC (Steam)
Release Date: March 27, 2014

Spate, a story-driven platformer available on PC, is one of the most unique and enjoyable videogames I’ve ever played. And I don’t say that lightly.

In Spate, you play as a detective searching for a wealthy businessman; your daughter is dead, your wife has left you, and your addiction to absinthe has caused your mind to seep into madness. You begin your search for the businessman in the Xzone, an island that once flourished but has since twisted. Your journey from here on is unforgettable.

Those familiar with platformers will feel right at home with Spate. Those who aren’t will catch on quickly.

Spate controls and at times even feels like a traditional platformer; you can jump, duck and run from side-to-side. You’ll spend a lot of time jumping from platform to platform and avoiding pitfalls and obstacles. All of this works great with the controls perfectly tuned. But, what really makes the experience so intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable is the world around you.

The game’s environments are gorgeous, and the art style is phenomenal. The game’s intense use of backgrounds, which oftentimes toys with the mind, is excellent. The variety and uniqueness of the game’s world is truly a joy to encounter.

Spate is filled with unique creatures and environments.
Spate is filled with unique environments.

In addition to the wonderful world you’ll be exploring, the game’s story will push you forward and keep you intrigued. The narration is well written and impressively voice acted, and the soundtrack is bold and absolutely fitting. The game is short, coming in at just under two hours, but the experience feels complete, and it is well worth the $9.99 price tag.

Spate is a game best played when you know as little about its world as possible, so I’ll keep this review short. If you go in fresh, it’s likely to excite you at almost every turn. Its beautifully twisted world, engaging gameplay and touching story make it something that shouldn’t be missed.

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Spate is an incredible story-driven platforming experience that stands as one of the most artistically original videogames ever released. It's short, at just under two hours, but it's a game that will stick with you. Entertaining, intriguing and impactful. A must-play.

Anthony Martinelli

Anthony lives near Seattle, Washington, and has been a steadfast gamer his entire life. He considers videogames to be a legitimate artform with vast cultural impact.

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